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Q. What should I bring with me when my cat(s) come on holiday with you?

Please ensure you bring him/her in a secure carrying box. You should also bring with you his/her vaccination card, bedding or blanket, and feel free to bring along any particular toys he/she likes to remind him/her of home, but we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage to these items. It is not necessary to bring food or water bowls or a litter tray etc.


Q. Is it possible for me to see where my cat will be staying?

Yes, you are very welcome to come and see the chalet or villa that has been booked and to see him/her settled in. However, if you prefer not to that is also fine as we know some people get upset when leaving their cat. We will help him/her settle in for you.


Q. Does my cat have to change his/her chalet during his holiday?

In almost all cases the answer is no.


Q. If I cannot deliver and/or collect my cat are you able to do this for me?

Often we can do this but it is dependent on the distance involved and the notice given. Please feel free to discuss this with us and we can advise of any charges involved.


Q. My cat doesn't like tinned food/biscuits can you cater for something different?

We appreciate that cats do have likes and dislikes. We do provide only the best quality branded foods and prepare them in our own purpose built kitchen. Special diets can be catered for, usually at no extra charge - please phone or email to discuss.


Q. Can I visit my cat during his/her holiday with you?

Yes of course, but we do ask that you avoid touching any of the other cats other than your own.


Q. Are you able to cater for elderly or diabetic cats?

Unlike many catteries we are happy to accommodate such cats and we do take the greatest of care with them. However, we have to point out that for some cats the coming into a cattery can be a stressful experience, even if they have been to one before. As a result, this can have an adverse effect on certain cats despite our best efforts to make it as stress-free as possible.


Q. My cat is under medication. Does this mean he/she cannot come to you?

Not at all. We are quite happy to administer medication to your cat, but we cannot accept any liability for any resulting damage or injury. Bring along his/her prescription with the dosage instructions clearly shown and we will ensure this is done. Please contact us to discuss your needs as we may need to make a charge if the regime is complicated and/or multiple tablets are required.


Q. Who can collect my cat?

We will not release your cat(s) to anyone who is not their owner without prior arrangement.


Q. My cat has never been to a cattery before - will he/she be ok?

Almost all cats settle in well and we have a very quiet environment. You may wish to consider bringing your cat in few a few days to introduce him/her to it gradually. If you do this when you are not on holiday you can visit regularly to check on him/her and with us to see how he/she is settling in.


Q. What happens to the cats at night? Are they all locked away?

No, they are free to roam around in their secure individual runs or retire to their chalet/villa as they choose.


Q. How often are they fed?

We feed our guests twice a day. However, for kittens or OAP's we will vary this as required.


Q. What happens if a cat becomes ill or infectious?

We will contact our local vet for treatment and part of the conditions of boarding with us is that you give us the authority to do this. Our primary concern is always the care and well being of your cat. In the unlikely event that one of our holidaymakers becomes infectious we have a self contained and totally separate isolation unit for this specific purpose. It is spacious and comfortable and we ensure extra care and attention is administered.


Q. Do you board dogs as well?

No, we only provide holiday accommodation for cats.


Q. I notice that you have your own dogs. Are they likely to upset the cats?

Generally we find that the residents find our dogs entertaining watching them playing in our garden.


Q. If I need to collect or deliver out of your opening hours, can this be arranged?

Yes, provided it is only in exceptional circumstances. However it would help us if you could keep to the hours shown if at all possible.


Q. I see that you do take cats over Christmas, but when are you open?

We are closed All Bank Holidays unless exceptional circumstances. A full days charge will be incurred.


Q. I have a question that isn't covered here.

Please call us on 020 8668 6662, 07986 437 625 or 07941 427 743 and we will be happy to help.

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