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The Luxury

Built by a specialist cattery firm, we are proud to declare all aspects of construction meet with the Feline Advisory Bureau guidelines.

Different cats have different requirements though so we are proud to offer a choice of pen sizes.  


With double-sized pens for single cats, family size for families, and our impressive SUPER SIZE pens, you can rest assured that your furry friend will have the space and environment to enjoy their holiday.


Chalet 4' x 4' (120cm x 120cm)

Run 6' x 4' (183cm x 120cm)


Chalet 6' x 4' (183cm x 120cm)

Run 6'6 x 14' (198cm x 426cm)


Chalet 5' x 4' (152cm x 120cm)

Run 6' x 5' (183cm x 152cm)

Secure, spacious, detached heated pens with peaceful surroundings.

All of our chalets are secure and spacious, if a guest did happen to escape their chalet, they would only find themselves in the safety corridor and not on a wild adventure roaming far and wide!

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